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Monday, 31 August 2015

5 Exciting Places To Visit In Warri

Hi guys, like the saying goes " Warri no dey carry last"

Warri is one of Nigeria’s oldest riverine towns. It is situated on the banks of the Lower Niger, Delta State. This little fishing-city is a must visit location in Nigeria. The town is located roughly halfway
between Lagos and Port Harcourt. People from Warri are referred to as Wafarians. People usually come here for business since most oil companies in Nigeria are located here. But who says Warri has nothing to offer apart from its oil? This thriving metropolis has exciting attractions on its doorstep including sights and tourist spots to keep travellers entertained.

That being said, Warri has its virtues, so if you find yourself with 24 hours in the city, you’ll have no shortage of things to do.

Palace of the Olu of Warri

This palace is located in the city centre and it is home of Olu of Warri, who ascended the great throne of Warri Kingdom. It is an old palace with interesting African architecture for lovers of arts. Only part of the palace is opened for the public since it is actually a private house. The furniture and interior are European style and there are several collections from all over the world.

Nana’s Palace, Koko

This is a history museum that shows how life in Warri was before civilisation. Chief Nana Olomu of Ebrohim has built this museum. Nana was a powerful entrepreneur who lived in 19th century. This magnificent building was built by influence of British Empire under Queen Victoria. It is located outside Warri in the district of Koko. Tourists can access this place by taxis.

Red Mangrove Swamp

Do yourself a favour and get down to the Creek. For a real experience, take one of the wooden local boats. The Red Mangrove Swamp is located near the Abraka Gold Course and you can see the golf course from the edge of the swamp. This swamp is also an interesting place to see and explore. Tourists are reminded to go with a guide.

Effurun Garden Park

This is certainly something for the children to enjoy. It is located just next to the Olu of Warri Palace and it is always full of people. It is favourite place of locals for relaxing on hot summer days and for having picnics and spending time with their families. One thing that makes this park special is, tourists can find a lot of rare species of trees, palm, birds and a large number of hotels.

Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetery

One of the most exceptional places to visit in Warri, The royal cemetery is the resting place of all the kings that have ever reigned in Warri. On the trail to the various locations following a single footpath, one would expect to find tomb stones and other usual markings or landmarks to identify the various resting places, but this is not so. Like any other forest, the usual lush vegetation with trees and plants of various kinds, coupled with the serene environment and the chirping of birds that breaks the silence to welcome tourists to this place of grandeur is the characteristics of this cemetery. What makes it awesome is an iroko tree is usually planted as soon as a king is buried which makes some of them over 400 years old.

Naturally, one would wander around the forest without it leaving significant impression, but being guided by a tour guide, to specific locations makes a tour around this much revered site a memorable one.

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  1. Heard of d Effurun park...Warri is really a cool place to go...thanks

  2. Yes it is, I have actually been to this places myself. Its quite a lovely place. Thank you for the comment.