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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Discover 3 Awesome Souvenirs You Should Grab While In Nigeria

Hi Friends, whichever part of Nigeria you find yourself in, either in the North, East, West or South, you are sure to be surrounded by beautiful souvenirs that will serve as a memorabilia of your trip or perhaps something you can give to your loved ones when you return home.

The Ankara fabric is a trending fashion material that is becoming widely sort after in all parts of the world, there are beautiful patterns in different shades you can always find to buy from any market in Nigeria – they are easy to locate and very affordable. If in Lagos, you should check out Oshodi Market or Balogun Market on Lagos Island.

Traditional Handmade Jewelries and Accessories
Local Shamballa bracelets, woven bags, accessories made from Ankara fabric (footwear, bags, jewelries, footwear and so on), beautifully handmade beaded jewelries – the list is inexhaustible. All these can be gotten in shops where they sell traditional attires or by roadside vendors. These are very easy to find, they are mostly sold by the roadside in shops or hawked.

Arts, Paintings and Crafts
There are ready made paintings of beautiful places in Nigeria you can be lucky to find, especially an area you stayed or visited while here. You can also get gorgeous wooden crafts and arts from galleries around. If you are in the Federal Capital Territory, that is Abuja, then you are in luck, visit the Arts and Crafts Village there, you are bound the find wonderful items that can serve as souvenirs.
The list is endless, all you need to do is to easily locate a market or traditional shop around you and you will be marveled at the wonderful items you will discover.

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  1. U never get enough of these things in Nigeria... I encourage everyone both home n abroad to get one of them every now n then...

  2. You are quite right. Thank you for the comment.