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Friday, 28 August 2015

Ile-ife - The Cradle Of Yoruba Race, Fact, Myth And Belief

Hi Friends, here are some facts, myth and belief about the cradle of Yoruba race, enjoy

1. According to Yoruba mythology it is believed that life and creation started first in Ile-Ife

2. It is widely believed and accepted that Ile-Ife is the cradle of the Yoruba race

3. In Yoruba mythology it is believed that all dead bodies have a ‘stop over’ in Ile-Ife before going to
the world beyond, in some Yoruba burial rites, it's often recited that the dead person should not stay too long in Ile-Ife but proceed straight to the other world. It is also believed that till date there is a path in Ile-Ife that leads straight to the other world which is only accessible by the dead.

4. According to historians, the town's habitation can be traced as far back as 350 BCE The meaning of the word "ife" in the Yoruba language is "expansion;" "Ile-Ife" means in reference to the myth of origin "The House of Expansion"

5. Oduduwa (the widely accepted Father of the Yoruba race) lived in Ile-Ife and was the first Ooni of Ile-Ife

6. The Ooni is the paramount ruler of Ile-Ife and the Custodian of the Household of Oduduwa and by extension the custodian of Yoruba culture.

7. It is believed in Yoruba mythology that there are 401 gods/shrines scattered worldwide, 201 are in ILE-IFE

8. The only speaking deity/god of theses 401 deities is the Ooni of Ife

9. 46TH ADELEKAN (OLUBUSE I)- He was the first Ooni to travel outside Ile-Ife to Lagos in 1903 when he was invited by the then Governor General to settle the dispute involving Elepe of Epe. All Yoruba Kings including the Alaafin left their respective thrones as a mark of respect for the Ooni. They returned to their respective stools after Ooni returned to Ile-Ife from Lagos.


11. The next Ooni will the 51ST Ooni ever ruled ILE-IFE

12. Every King in Yoruba land traces his crown to ILE-IFE

13. ILE IFE is the site of OPA ORANMIYAN stands over five meters tall in Moopa area of the town within a fenced wall. Few symbolic trees are scattered around the staff with some dotted marks, which the custodian says are marks of bullet during the several wars fought by Oranmiyan. High chief Johnson Owoyemi, the Akogun of Ife is the current custodian of the Opa Oranmiyan – a staff that Oranmiyan, the grandson of Oduduwa used to take to war. The staff made of granite obelisk with iron stud stands within the Oranmiyan shrine manned by Chief Eredumi as chief priest who is the link between the dead and the living.

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