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Friday, 28 August 2015

Seven Exciting Things To Do In Aba

Hi friends, here are 7 exciting things to do in Aba

Say what you want about Aba – just do not call it boring. Fondly referred to as Enyimba city and regarded as the commercial hub of Abia State, south-east Nigeria, there is no shortage of things to do in the metropolis.
The joy of Aba is at the street level, where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety. If you are visiting and have no clue on what to do for fun, here are 7 fun things to do in this town.

Visit the museum

Although Aba is a compact city, it boasts of a great museum called the National Museum of Colonial History, a Federal Government establishment which serves as a research center and houses the history of the evolution of the State from pre-colonial till date.

The museum is frequently visited by tourists as well as children for educational purposes. Spend time at this museum soaking up all the information you can on Nigeria’s rich history as well as the popular Aba Women Riot of 1929.

Enjoy a sumptuous meal at Jevenik

Jevenik Restaurant is a warm and friendly eatery that serves mouthwatering local dishes, simple continental meals such as fried rice and pasta, fries as well as tasty desserts that leave you deeply satisfied.

The food is always delicious; portions are generous and come with an option of several different combos, and side orders.

Like most restaurants in the city, you can’t book or pre-order and you are likely to have to queue on weekends. It might sound like a lot of stress, but, the food never lets you down. A stop here is well worth your time.

Spend an evening at ICONS lounge

Located within the Luxury City Hotel and Towers, ICONS lounge plays host to a health club, nightclub and Suya spot.

This is where true music-heads in Aba looking for an authentic fix go to when they want to dance until the sun comes up. For ear-splitting beats and some hip gyrating, load your wallet with cash and hit the dance floor here. However, be prepared to walk out without a dime in your wallet at the end of the night as this spot is one of the priciest in the metropolis. Also, look out for the legendary Lady’s Night, which start at 6pm every Wednesday.

Go swimming at terminus

Terminus Hotel is quite popular in the city as the best hub for swimming. While this is free for those lodged at the hotel, visitors are allowed to take a dip for a token.

This spot offers plenty of space for adults, tourists and neighborhood children to soak but it stays quiet, especially during midday hours. You can visit the hotel’s bar for a drink or the restaurant for some tasty delights. However, ensure to leave your Kindle and electronic devices in your hotel room to avoid damage by water.

Try a bus experience

Like most places around the country, Aba has quite a number of options when it comes to public transportation. They include keke-na-peps, danfo buses and taxis.

Take a joy ride on one of the buses from any major road junction and experience the fun of public transportation in Aba. There is always a funny or interesting story to tell afterwards, no matter how short the distance. It is also much more fun when you understand the local dialect – Igbo – or have someone who can interpret it to you.You don’t want to take pictures or make videos in transit as other passengers may find it distasteful.

Try the mutton suya at Aba Sports Club

One of the oldest sports clubs in the town, this center still stands as a prime place for relaxation and mutton barbecue.

On hand to take your order are waiters and suya ‘chefs’ who create the tastiest medley of roasted beef.

Although not as fancy as other famous spots, around the country, the service is quite impressive and the flavour of the chops keeps you pinned to table ordering for more. A trip to Aba is not complete without exploring the piping hot meat, just off the grill at this Club.

Explore Ahia Ohuru (New Market)

This market may not be as popular as Ariaria International Market, however it is one of the largest trade centers in the city and the best place to experience the reality of Aba life. There are a variety of commodities on sale – including clothing, food items, furniture, shoes and art – at the market. If you have no intention of doing actual shopping, a tour around the market in the morning is still an interesting thing to do.

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  1. N here i tot Aba was only for business cos that's wot most Ibos talk abt..thanks for d enlightenment