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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Taking A Perfect 5 Days Tour With Kids In Lagos

Holiday is here! Kids are excited, it’s time to have fun, stay up all night to play games and watch movies till dawn without having to worry about school in the morning. 

Though kids are very adorable  and fun to be with, guardians and parents will soon start to wish they resume school quickly so they can rest from the noise and rancor.
If you are a parent or guardian, now may be a good time to show the kids some love, bond more and give them a memorable holiday! So how can you?

Day 1: Visit the park

Kids love parks, they get to see a lot of toys and machines to ride in, no matter how much they have visited a park they can never get weary of it.
There are quiet a handful of parks you can go – Tickle Bay in Ikoyi, Fun factory in Lekki, Amusement park in Apapa, Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens in Ajao Estate, just to mention a few.

Day 2: Take them on a Date

Yes of course! You do not only give your partner of spouse a treat, you can take your kids on a date, dress them up nicely. Visit a restaurant and let them make a choice of what they would love to have and pamper them real good.

Day 3: The Cinema

With a lot of animation and cartoons constantly running at the cinema, you can look up the movie schedule for Ozone Cinemas, SilverBird Cinemas, Ground Zero, Film house or Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, whichever is closer to you.

Day 4: Spend a night away from home

Book a nice resort or hotel with splendid facilities/services like the gym, spa, swimming pool, room service and more. Spend a night or two away from home, giving the kids a plush treatment, let them relinquish themselves of the long term they just spent in school, they deserve it.

Day 5: Surprise them!

Is there a place they have always wanted to go or always talking about? Now may be the best time to take them to see those places, you can just imagine the thrill on their faces.

Do not be a boring parent or guardian, museums and zoos I believe are places they have visited many times on excursion while at school, thrill your kids this holiday and spend some quality time bonding with them. “Children are the leaders of tomorrow”, learn to start treating them like princes and princesses.

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  1. Looking at d economy...most parents wish to do at least 1 day for them BT wen they think of d sch fees of s next session its almost not possible to do that... BT I encourage those who can afford it not to miss d wonderful opportunity to gv their kids d treat of their lives...well done dear

  2. You are right about that, but all these places listed above are quite affordable. Thank you for the comment