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Friday, 21 August 2015

IMO STATE - THE 36 STATES OF NIGERIA; History, People and Culture, Geography, Attractions, Eating out, Shopping, Hotels and Gallery

Imo State – “Eastern Heartland”

Located in south-east geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Imo State, which derives its name from Imo River, was created in 1976 and it is nicknamed “eastern heartland”. The state is divided into twenty 
seven local government areas which include Aboh-Mbaise, Ahizau-Mbaise, Ehime-Mbano, Ezinihitte, Ideato-North, Ideato-South, Ihitte/Uboma, Ikeduru, Isiala-Mbano, Isu, Mbaitoli, Ngor-Okpala, Njaba, Nkwerre, Nkwangele, Obowo, Oguta, Ohaji-Egbema, Okigwe, Onuimo, Orlu, Orsu, Oru-East, Oru-West, Owerri -Municipal, Owerri-North and Owerri-West.

The area known as Imo State today was originally part of the defunct East Central State which was one of the twelve states initially created in 1967 by General Yakubu Gowon’s regime. The old Imo State which originally included Abia province was later created in 1976 before Abia State was carved out of the state in 1991 by General Ibrahim Babangida. Imo State derived its name from Imo River, which takes it course from the Okigwe/Akwa upland.

People & Culture
Imo State has an estimated population of about 4.8 million and the population density varies from 230-1,400 people per square kilometer. The state is culturally homogeneous as it is a predominantly Igbo speaking state with minor differences in dialects. Imo State has a very rich cultural heritage and this is manifested in dressing, music, dance, festivals, arts and crafts, and the traditional hospitality of the people.
Covering an area of about 5,100sq km, Imo State lies within latitudes 4°45’N and 7°15’N, and longitude 6°50’E and 7°25’E. It occupies the area between the lower River Niger and the upper and middle Imo River. The state is bounded on the east by Abia State, on the west by the River Niger and Delta State; and on the north by Anambra State, while Rivers State lies to the south.

The rainy season is between March and October or early November and rainfall is often at its maximum at night and during the early morning hours. However, variations occur in rainfall amount from year to year as annual rainfall usually varies from 1,990 mm to 2,200 mm.
Temperatures are similar all over the state with hottest months between January and March. The mean annual temperature above 20°C with an average annual relative humidity of 75 per cent which is highest during the rainy season, when it rises to about 90 per cent. The high temperature and humidity experienced in the state favour luxuriant plant growth, which produce the Imo State’s rich and beautiful vegetation of the tropical rain forest.

Cities & Towns
Other important cities and towns include Owerri, Mbaise, Orlu, Oguta, Okigwe, Uzoagba, Emekuku, Mgbidi Nkwerre, Agu, Orie, Obowu, Ideato etc.

Oguta Lake, Oguta
Oguta Lake is the largest natural lake in Imo State and is supposed to have originated from a natural depression. The lake is of immense value to the people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi and Awo. In the colonial era, the Oguta Lake was a port for the evacuation of palm products and the relics of the jetties used by the United African Company (U. A. C.) still exist today. During the civil war, the Oguta Lake was a marine base for the Biafran Navy. Visitors can take a cruise on the lake or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course on the bank of the lake.

Imo Wonderlake Resort, Oguta
This is the second largest freshwater lake in Nigeria and it is surrounded with evergreen environs of the poetic beauty.

Amadioha Shrine
A mysterious shrine and many more mysterious destinations. The state also has athletic facilities equipped with modern fitting and fixtures and provides world class service.

Abadaba Lake Resort
The lake resort which is situated in Obowo LGA has a fresh and muddy colour water body which is festooned with a luxuriant raffia palm and bamboo trees adding to its aestheticism. The lake is accessed through Owerri/Umuahia road, stop at Avutu.

Ngwu Spring Natural Water
The Ngwu spring water known as
 Iyi Umugara is found in Nkwere LGA and it is sparkling natural water, pure and crystal-like. The stream which is formed by the cascading spring water is a mystery because its volume and flow increases mostly during dry season.

Ada Palm Plantation Complex
Established in 1974, Ada palm is the biggest and most viable oil palm plantation in West Africa. The palm plantation, which occupies about 4,310 hectares of land, with a housing estate, was one of the nation’s major sources of foreign exchange before the discovery of petroleum. This plantation lies in the parcel of land between Amafor and Egbema in Ohiji/Egbema LGA. Access is Owerri to Port-Harcourt road; turn right to Amafor about 20km from Owerri.

Asumpta Cathedral 
Located in the centre of Owerri, it is reputed to be the biggest Catholic Church in West Africa, fashioned in Italian architectural design.

Mbari Cultural & Art Centre, Owerri
Mbari centre is situated at Ikenegbu in Central Owerri. It is being housed by the Imo State council for Arts and Culture. Mbari is an open air museum that houses monumental arts that depicts peace, prosperity and social life in Igbo land.

Eze Silver Ibenyi Ugbala II Palace, Orlu
It is a traditional court palace with its mysteries, historical and archeological discoveries. A custodian of Igbo culture and tradition, the palace is an ideal place for Igbo cultural studies.

Palm Beach Holiday Resort, Awo-Omama
Located in Awo-Omama, it is a beach that is associated with palm trees and beautiful environment for relaxation.

Rolling Hills, Okigwe
Located in the ancient city of Okigwe, the hills which comprise a series of hills that expand from Ihube to Okigwe town into the northern border, provide a great site for camping and picnicking.

The Sources of Urashi River
Located in Ezeama community in Dikenafai in Ideato-south LGA, this is a spring which has mysterious source from a rope-like feather stretching from a mountainous substance. The spring is believed to have been the source of Urashi River which stretches from Ideato south to north, terminating in Oguido where the blue lake and Urashi River is located.

Iyi Ogidi Spring
Located in Ofeahia Amaifeke autonomous community in Orlu LGA, the spring water here bubbles up from five separate channels in a pleasant, serene spot. The British built a hill station here in colonial times.

Iyi Okwu Spring
Iyi Okwu spring is located at Okwuepe village in Ebenese Ihioma autonomous community in Orlu LGA. The spring, which gushes out from a rock on the hill in pipe-like manner laid by nature is very clean and pure as it rushes with intensity downwards.

Edemili Lake
This Lake occupies a wetland, which is more of a swampy environment and it is located in Awo Idemili about 2km from the local government headquarters. It has a palm beach setting with so many palm fruits occupying a large area of land.

Amusement Park, Owerri 
This Park was created for relaxation and entertainment for families, visitors and children within the Owerri community.

Nekede Zoo
This is a biological garden complex located at old Nekede in Owerri. The Zoo has stock of different animals ranging from Lions, Pythons, Monkey, Ostrich, Crocodile, Cattle Egret, Guerrilla, and different birds.
Oguta Lake Motel & Golf Resort
Located about 40km away from Owerri, this motel and tourist resort is a 3-star hotel aimed at attracting tourists to Oguta Lake. It was originally established as a retreat and get away spot for the colonial rulers and this resort has been upgraded and equipped with modern facilities to help boost tourism potential of Oguta Lake. While there, visitors can take a cruise on the lake or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course on the bank of the lake.

Imo Concorde Hotel
The hotel has 245 well-furnished rooms, including 18 royal suites, one concorde suite and one presidential suite with air-conditioning, cable TV, writing desk, bedside lamps, internet access etc.

All Seasons Hotels
Set in the new business district of Owerri and arguably one of the top hotels in south-east, the hotel has 124 exquisite rooms and suites designed to make you feel at home every seasons for all reasons.

Owerri Hotel Plaza
Located in Owerri, the hotel is only 30mins drive from Sam Mbakwe airport. It offers well-equipped ensuite rooms, tastefully decorated rooms, events/conference hall, lounge, pool bars and restaurants.

Newcastle Hotel
Whether you are on business trip or a relaxing vacation, Newcastle Hotel holds a promise of personalized service down to the smallest details. All rooms have individual air conditioning system, cable TV, refrigerator etc.

De Legend
The hotel offers luxury and exquisite rooms furnished to taste with air-conditioning, cable TV, outdoor & indoor pool, sauna/spa, gym, non-smoking rooms, conducive relaxation, bar and restaurant, has a live band and a barbeque stand as extra facilities.

East Gate Hotel
Located on the exclusive Ugworji Layout and surrounded by beautiful gardens and magnificent landscaping, the hotel is spread over two buildings and offers spectacular views of the city.

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