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Monday, 24 August 2015

The Humans Of Lagos Nigeria (Street Photography Project) by TochiPhotos

Hi guys,
So today I had to create a creativity section for my blog after coming across this ingenious idea. Meet the Humans of Nigeria or Lagos like the author calls it; because Lagos is a microcosm of Nigeria, all
tribes are fully and duly represented in Lagos.

The Humans of Lagos is a street photography project capturing the lives of everyday Lagosians and sharing their story. Inspired by Brandon Stanton's HONY project. Capturing the heart and soul of everyday Lagosians, telling the Lagos story one shutter at a time.

"My trouser tore in Church one day, I was so embarrassed but my friends came through, they formed a circle around me and walked me home, people were looking at us strange, it was like some bodyguards trying to shield the president from assasins just like in the movies. Can't forget that day." #humansoflagos

"My Aunty told my parents she will train me in school and brought me to Lagos but when I got here she sent me to the streets to hawk all day, after some years I ran away from her house and stayed on the streets doing menial jobs now I've raised enough money and enrolled in the university of Lagos" #humansoflagos

"I came to Lagos in 2006, jobs are scarce my people expect me to be a rich man now. I learnt furniture but haven't been able to start my own. I'm just angry and frustrated" #humansoflagos

"I'm trying to save money so I can go back to clothing business or any other good business" #humansoflagos

"I want to be a pilot but my dad said no, he doesn't want me to be sent to the north for aviation school cos of insecurity there." #humansoflagos

"After school, I help my mum sell oranges. I like going to the field cos I sell a lot there and also watch them play football, sometimes I wish I can play with the other children but I can't leave my market to play. When I grow up I want to be a billionaire so my mum won't sell oranges again." #humansoflagos

"My year got off to the best possible start, got this job first week of January, it doesn't pay much and I haven't gone home since I started cos I can't afford tfare but its better than staying idle. I'm grateful and it gives me hope this year will be good for me" #humansoflagos

"I love drawing, I'm at my happiest with a pencil in my hand. It's a hobby but I hope to take it serious and get better at it" #humansoflagos

"There is this girl I really like but I can't tell her cos I'm 14 and we are too young but each time she is around, my heart starts beating faster I don't know why" #humansoflagos

"My agbalumo is very sweet and natural, I buy it direct from Ibadan and Ilorin, it's better than those ones they import from Benin Republic, they use chemical on those ones" #humansoflagos

"I work night shift at a factory, just finished my shift this morning and went straight to the court, basketball is my life, I can't miss training for anything, my brother has gone pro and I want to follow in his footsteps." #HumansOfLagos

"I've been painting since 1996, I've trained a lot of boys and they are all doing well. I've painted big big houses and it gives me joy looking at the finished work. I will show you some of them, I snapped it on my phone" #HumansOfLagos

"Today is sports day, we played a game. I didn't score many points but I played well. My dad still doesn't like me playing sports, he said it will distract me from studying" #HumansOfLagos

"I've finished working on my mix tape and I brought it to school to show my friends, it has 2 tracks 'Oh my God and my baby' the whole class was hailing me and making noise and it nearly got us punished. I'm bigger than all my classmates and I used to like it but now I hate it, I'm still in Junior secondary and I hate that I'm older than my class mates" #HumansOfLagos
"I like reading a lot, I read novels, story books, newspapers I read everything. Now I'm reading my daughter's Yoruba book, that one doesn't like reading her books at all, once she comes back from school she will throw her bag on the chair and run outside to play. I'm reading it now so I can help her do her assignment when I close market." #HumansOfLagos

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  1. Very creative n inspiring... This captivates d dreams of young men n women in Lagos n am one of then too..Lol..u are too...BT I believe that ur dreams can come to pass irrespective of where u are...Lagos is just an avenue to help if u r ready to hustle real hard

  2. Thank you for the comment, '' hustle real hard', this coming from a lady is quite inspiring, it shows that there is still hope in our future. Thank you for the comment once again.