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Friday, 4 September 2015

10 Most Famous Streets In Lagos

Hi guys, seems Lagos is calling out to me; i have been talking about Lagos for a couple of days now :) Lets talk about the 10 Most Famous Streets in Lagos.

There are innumerable streets and roads that pave the city of Lagos and some of these streets are famous around the country. Both locals and visitors always want to visit them whenever they are in the area.
Walking along the streets of Lagos, the captivating atmosphere will give you a wonderful feeling that will make you want to explore more.
If you’ve never visited Lagos, you’ve probably heard about them, especially in Nollywood movies and if you haven’t, here are 10 most famous streets in Lagos.

1. Broad Street
Broad Street, located in Lagos Island, is one of the oldest streets in Lagos. The street is one of a kind, home to several financial banks in Lagos. Its medieval, new and elegant building architecture are assembled together in arrays. You will find tall buildings and skyscrapers on this street. Normally, you will find bankers, corporate officers and business people in this area. There are a few restaurants where you can eat some delicious Nigerian dishes. The street offers scenic views of Lagos Island.

2. Allen Avenue
Allen Avenue is one of the most famous streets in Ikeja; it’s a residential area with refined and urbane accommodation, offices and shopping malls for opulent people. The street is easily accessible and well connected to some roads in Ikeja such as Opebi and Adeniyi Jones. The street is a centre for social activities; there are lots of bars, hotels, night clubs and restaurants on the street. If you love Chinese foods, you can enjoy a quick meal in some of the Chinese restaurants located along the street.

3. Toyin Street
Another famous street in Lagos is Toyin Street. The street is located off Allen Avenue/Opebi Road. The interesting thing about this street is its range of clubs, hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy live music scene, great food and hang out with friends. During the day, there is a massive load of traffic on this street; however, people still manage to spend a lot of time there with their friends. The popular pizza joint – Domino’s Pizza, Water Parks and Ibris hotel are located on this street. Toyin street has become one of the major attractions for foreigners on Lagos Mainland.

4. Ademola Adetokunbo Street
This famous street was named after Sir Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola, the former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Nigeria and the son of King Ladapo Ademola II, the Alake of the Egba land. If you walk along this street, you’ll understand why it is famous. The street is known for its range of elegant buildings used for offices, shopping malls and financial banks. Something is always happening on this street, whenever you visit, you will find different activities such as street shows. There are lots of famous restaurants on this street.

5. Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue
Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue is located in Victoria Island. This street is one of the most elegant and famous streets on the Island. It’s a street with elegant hotels, designed beautifully to create an imaginary atmosphere. Perhaps the most remarkable landmark of along this road is the “4000 Flats” – blocks of residential apartments in Victoria Island.

6. Adeola Odeku Street
If you are visiting Lagos for the first time, you are going to love this street for its flexibility. Adeola Odeku Street is located in Victoria Island, it’s a place where everyone feels wonderful and make you just want to hang around. From office workers to businessmen, newspaper vendors to fruit sellers, all of whom are entertaining people all along the street. Whatever you are looking for, you may find it along this street – several shopping malls and stores, financial institutions, market stalls and wandering vendors are around to keep you entertained.

7. Ogunlana Drive, Surulere
Ogunlana Drive is one of the oldest areas in Lagos. Located in Surulere, the street is lined with some corporate and financial offices, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and shops. Its home to beautiful medieval and modern buildings and it’s a place to be. It’s really difficult to resist the atmosphere of warmth the street offers.

8. Adeniran Ogunsanya Street
Adeniran Ogunsanya Street is one of the most popular streets in the heart of Surulere, it is known as the most visited shopping street of Surulere. The Street is a meeting point for the affluent and regular Lagosians who love to shop. The street is known for a great number of shopping malls and the most popular one is where Shoprite store is located. People who love to shop and hang out with friends and families are seen around this street. There are several elegant restaurants in the same area, where people can enjoy delicious meals. It’s really a place to visit!

9. Bode Thomas Street
Bode Thomas Street is one of the most recognizable and famous streets in Lagos. The street was named after Chief Bode Thomas, a Nigerian Politician and statesman. The street is located in close to Iponri in Surulere. The street has indeed quite a lot to offer anyone who is thinking of relocating to the area.

10. Isaac John Street, GRA
Isaac John Street is unique attraction, located in GRA – Government Reserved Area in Ikeja, Lagos. The street has many attractions for people to enjoy – both locals and visitors. You can find restaurants, cafes and bars and hotels on this street very easily. Some fun activities are always happening whenever you visit this street.

Have you visited these streets? Share you experience with us

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  1. Broad street is surely a commercial avenue in Lagos..most lagosians shld av ad an encounter with this place as it is near the popular Eko market where things r sold cheap n at a wholesale price...also headquarters to some big banks too...also ad encounter at Allen Avenue too at Ikeja..I think that's where shop rite is nw. .bah...really cool streets.. Well done

  2. Thank you for the comments dear, from the looks of things; you seem to be quite well traveled and also know Lagos very well.