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Friday, 11 September 2015

11 Most Beautiful Waterfalls and Springs in Nigeria

Hi friends, here are 11 Most Beautiful Waterfalls and Springs in Nigeria, have a look

1. Gurara falls
The Gurara river is a large tributary of the famous River Niger and is most impressive after the rainy season when the water becomes a raging torrent while in January, during the dry season and when water levels are low, there are clear pools at the bottom of the falls in which visitors can swim.

As well as being an area of outstanding natural beauty the area surrounding Gurara Waterfall is also a fantastic place for bird watching.

There is an on-going plan to develop the waterfall into a resort.

2. Erin Ijesha Waterfalls
Erin Ijesha (Olumirin) is a seven step waterfall in Osun State, Nigeria, the waterfalls is a whole new exciting and awe inspiring experience with nature. Each step of the waterfall has a flowing fountain that marks the mystical nature of the place.

3. Ikogosi Warm Springs
The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction located at Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria.Flowing abreast the warm spring is another cold spring which meets the warm spring at a confluence, each maintaining its thermal properties. This attributes makes the springs a tourist attraction in Nigeria.Research suggested that the warm spring has a temperature of about 70oC at the source and 37oC at the confluence.

4. Owu Falls
Owu falls is the highest and most spectacular natural water fall in West Africa, and is located in Ifelodun Local government area of Kwara State. The water fall stand as one of the symbol of nature which it existence is untraceable, but can only be appreciated and promoted by exploring. The water fall is 120m above water level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky out crops to a pool of ice cold water below. The water falls is surrounded with a beautiful natural ambience and hills which makes sightseeing a memorable experience. The waterfall is characterized with fall of ice cold water, beautiful rocky part and walk ways, and evergreen surrounding.

5. Wikki Springs
The Wikki Warm Springs is one of the best features of Yankari game reserves. It is crystal-clear, disease free and naturally warm. For many individuals, the Wikki Springs with white sand resting at the bottom, is the main reason for visiting the Yankari. Flood-lit at night, it’s wonderful after a hot day’s game-viewing to relax in the warm water

6. Assop water falls
Assop Falls is perhaps, one of the most popular tourist attractions on Jos Plateau, north-central Nigeria. The falls is noted to rest on the edge of the plateau, and is located about 64 km from Jos city, along the Jos-Abuja road. Assop falls is a popular tourist stop for picnicking, swimming, bird viewing and sight seeing.

7. Agbokim Waterfall
The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery, valleys and steep hills which are enveloped in a rainbow-like aura. Its freshness is captivating and has an alluring serenity.This is a spectacular falling sheet of water, attractive and impressive tourist spots and a highly recommended place for picnics.
It is the ideal location for a vacation to getting back into nature and regaining your creative productivity and general well being.

8. Farin Ruwa Waterfalls
The falls are a spectacular sight; 150 metres of cascading water and one of the tallest waterfalls in Nigeria. The waterfall is split across three tiers and surrounded by an abundant forest, making it a haven for eco-tourism. Interestingly, the Farin Ruwa Falls is taller than the Victoria Falls, the most revered waterfall in Africa.

'Farin Ruwa' translates into 'white water' in the Hausa language. The falls gained this name from the power and appearance of the torrential, gushing water. The best time to visit is between April and September, when there is the most water in the river and the waterfall is at its most spectacular.

9. Arinta Waterfall
Are you thinking of going somewhere where only a few do, then it is time to visit the Arinta Water Falls in Ipole-Iloro, Ekiti State.  It is surrounded by natural forest vegetation and it is not far from the Ikogosi Warm Spring.  It is a perfect place for your picnic, relaxation and swimming.

10, Obudu Cattle Range Waterfall
This Mini Waterfall is located in Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort. The Ranch which is 24 square kilometre in size is at an altitude where view is breathtaking and the air is fresh and clean, is where this spectacular grotto (a natural swimming pool with its sparkling pure water, and a clear view of the long winding waterfal is situatedl. Green mountain ranges surround this natural reserve that is home to rare species of birds and other animals such as the Gorilla.

11, Effon Waterfalls
This10m plunge of raging limpid waters was recently discovered tucked away in a remote corner of Effon Ridge near the town of Effon-Alaaye, Ekiti State.

Gracious plunge of pristine spring waters, hard to miss yet so hard to find; lost for decades, now discovered and thrown in the lime light. All known records of tourist attractions in Ekiti State and the neighbouring Osun State with which it shares boundary along the great Effon Ridge, show Arinta Waterfalls and Olumirin Waterfalls as the only falls on the ridge. It’s nonetheless awesome to note that both waterfalls have greatly enjoyed an impressive tourist traffic from all over the country.

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  1. Am fascinated by the history of how some of these came to existence.. All I can say is God is awesome

  2. Yes, they are quite fascinating. Thank you for the comment