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Friday, 11 September 2015

5 Awesome Tips On How To Travel With Jewelleries

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Jewelleries are worn by both men and women and many of them are so valuable that no one wants to lose one partly because of the heavy price tag.In order to forestall this kind of experience and safeguard your precious metal, here are 5 Awesome Tips On How To Travel With Jewelleries

Get an Insurance

Travelling is quite a demanding adventure and due to the excitement, there is a possibility that you may lose an item or two in the process. But these items do not have to be your jewelleries or travel documents.

To protect yourself while on the road, it is important you take out insurance on expensive precious metals so that when anything happens, they can bare the cost.

Take a photo shot of your Jewelleries

Before you leave for your trip, take a photo shot of your gems. This is being proactive as it provides you with concrete evidence if it goes is missing or has been stolen.

Carry them in a handheld bag

Since jewelleries are easy prey for anyone and everyone, it is better to put these precious metal in a purse or a portable shoulder bag.

Leaving them unmanned in your luggage is too high a risk as they can fade to thin air when travelling. With them on your person, you will not need to worry about other people taking them away.

Stay alert

When travelling especially by road or sea, you need to keep an eagle eye on your luggage so it does not disappear. The same goes for when you decide to fly instead. Ensure that you tag all the valuables in your luggage and present them for records at the airline’s desk, so if the go missing, the carrier will pay you the cost for items missing under their watch.

Leave your treasures at home!

Here’s an amazing suggestion: except your jewelleries are extremely important to travel with, leave them at home!

Doing this will reduce your anxiety level about your precious items and give you ample energy to focus on the purpose for the trip and arriving your destination without any hitches.
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