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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

5 Secrets Of Last Minute Travel

Hi friends, preparing for last minute travel can be hectic and confusing as the possibility of forget important things for the journey can make or mar your trip. This may make you unhappy and detest any last minute call-to-duty or vacation. Here are 5 Secrets Of Last Minute Travel

Get help with packing

If you are married or have anyone that is familiar with your wardrobe, give that person a call to help you pack. Rather than feeling harried at the thought of sorting through clothes and socks after a hard day at work, a friend or roommate can meet this need by offering assistance leaving you feeling refreshed for your journey.

Clear your schedule

This last minute call may throw a spanner into the wheels of your plans. However, you can find a way around it. If you have a personal assistant, duly inform him to clear your schedule and cancel all unimportant appointments. With the spare time you have, draft a list of your needs and make your travel plans. If you can, leave early for home as well.

Book a hotel/Flight

There are now online booking services especially in Lagos where you can expressly book a hotel or flight. You can also make payment with your ATM card or with internet banking. However, check with your office to ensure that there are no prior arrangements made for you. This way you will save cost.

Be Patient

Patience is one of the virtues required to counter last minute demands. If you plan ahead and pack an ‘emergency bag’ for impromptu trips, it saves you the stress of having to spend hours putting together one.

Seek exemption

If you do not like your schedule being disrupted by an unplanned event, you can asked to be exempted from the trip, however, this depends on your position in the organization. If you can avoid going on the journey with valid reasons to show for it, communicate your displeasure with Human Resources and they may make changes for you.

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