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Wednesday, 23 September 2015


So you have been wondering where your next trip should take you, you have been to France, Dubai, Belgium but you haven’t been to Nigeria, well I am glad to tell you that you haven’t yet traveled.

Here are 7 reasons why Nigeria should be your next tourism/tourist destination

1. Food: I have watched the food planet for a while now and I think it’s one of the best channels ever but if you think that’s all that can happen in a kitchen, then you are so wrong. No other place in the globe (or food channel, well for now) can offer you the types of foods available in Nigeria. From the cereals to the pulses, vegetables, grains and tubers; Nigerians have always had the ability to recreate these farm products into some of the most unique delicacies and soups in the world. Have you ever tried pounded yam or akpu with egusi soup and fresh palm wine, okay let’s move from known first, or an option of spicy jollof rice with dodo, some fresh vegetables and suya. All pushed down with a cool “Nigerian” beer? Gbegiri and Ewedu, Ofe nsala, Edikang-ikong, nkwobi and Afang soups; all these will leave you with a “less than one finger” experience, I mean the finger that tasted so much like the food and got the bite. Ha ha! I can see that you are already imagining it. I have only mentioned very few of the options available and hope you don’t lose the plate too

2. Nigeria is diverse, unique and interesting: Nigeria has well over 250 ethnic groups, speaking over 500 languages. Experiencing Nigeria is something you can never get to experience anywhere else in the world and I warn again, cannot be experienced just in one trip. Imagine being in the midst of the most populous black nation in the world, most populous nation in Africa and the Giant of Africa; a people with a unique approach to life, very religious and easy to become friends with. I am sure you cannot consume all the available experience in 5 years, but not to worry, you can always return for more… such an experience is simply magnificent!

3. Nigerians are attractive, friendly and fun loving people: Nigerians are one of the best-looking folks in the world. You doubt it? Then come see for yourself. The men with their well-cut features and the women offering more than you can ever see on the fashion magazines or imagine, provide an all season beauty for you to bask in. There is never a dull moment when you are with a Nigerian. At times I think Eddie Murphy, Chris Talker and Chris Rock are all from Nigeria and that is because they have some traits of the Nigerian people – full of expression. Now imagine a society filled with such, ready to give you an experience of a life time… now that’s the Nigerian experience. Nigerians are also one of the most kind-hearted people on the face of the planet, who are helpful to a fault. The average Nigerian is always open to meeting new people and assisting in whatever ways they can. Let it also be on record that Nigerians are known to be one of the happiest people in the whole world (and this happiness is highly contagious). Are you feeling depressed? Come take a happiness pill with us, it’s free! And also Nigerians have one time been ranked the happiest people in the whole world.

4. Rich cultural and historical heritage: Nigeria’s history and culture is one that is peculiar to her alone. Come see the various traditions, festivals, cultures and arts that would leave you in awe. Hear also the stories of our coming together – the great amalgamation, the British colonization, down to the slave trades (and yes, we have forgiven them – thank you!) and the times of civil war. Nigeria has always come out stronger of whatever challenges they come across. Did I also mention that Nigerians are resilient? Oh my! Nigerians are definitely one of the most resilient people you can come across; we are survivors and always with a smile. That’s also part of our peculiar cultural and historical heritage. I must warn you that you would be needing more than a trip to experience all we have to offer, trust me on this!

5. Nigeria has a lot of tourist attractions: Believe it or not, Nigeria can boast of having over 150 unique tourist attractions. From the rocks, hills and beaches in the South western part of the country to the plains, fields, savannah and wildlife in the Northern part of the country; down to the deep cultural practices and beautiful scenery in the south eastern and south southern part of the country; all these would leave you gasping for air. As I said before, we are always willing to welcome you again and again. You don’t have to rush the experience…

6. Nigeria’s nightlife: Nigeria’s nightlife is second to none. The night calls you to an experience you would never forget. With various clubs to meet different needs, your experience in the Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt would leave you with a permanent smirk of a smile on your face (I know you know what I mean…) from the clubs to the casinos, parties and even the night cuisines, yep! Night cuisines with the mai shai, mai suya and those spicy meals that go hand in hand with night life. Nothing beats the Nigerian nightlife. If for no other reason you choose to come to Nigeria; come for the night life.

7. We at TOURS NIGERIA dare you (Take up the challenge): So you have been to the 7 wonders of the World and you’ve never been to Nigeria? You’ve gone bungee jumping, sky diving, gone swimming with the sharks and so on but never been to Naija? You ain’t seen anything yet! The saying goes that if you can survive in Nigeria, you can definitely survive anywhere in the world. If you tell most people that you are coming to Nigeria for vacation, they would say that you are crazy and have gone nuts.

It is just different! Ever thought of going somewhere different, not the usual stuff, something away from the norm… Ha ha!!! This is it. You have tried the usuals and can’t think of any other thing? Why not give this a shot? It’s not as bad as they say it is, if it were I am sure the population of the country would be on the decrease and not the observed increase. Haven’t you thought about that? What makes these people stick to being in the country? Come see for yourself. Come, and write your own story…

Okay, maybe you think this is all BS, this guy is just selling his country but wouldn’t you LOL. On a very serious note, all I have written here are facts and nothing but facts. An experience and viewing of the Pyramids in Giza or the Great Wall of China or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, all depend on who is looking at these beauties, who is telling the story and from what perspective. Talk to the right person and you would experience a unique destination, second to none and filled with beauty in Nigeria. Are you one for adventure? Challenge yourself, come and visit us – we are spontaneous, innovative, fun loving (and I mean FUN LOVING), happy and always willing to give you an experience of a life time. I guarantee you that I could give you the same experience for 5 times and over, and you would not find any similarity, except fun! See you in Nigeria…

Credits: Rotimi, Esther & Koyejo

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    1. Thank you for the comment. Quite sorry for the late reply; you can send me an email @ toursnigeria@gmail.com, would love to hear from you.