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Saturday, 5 September 2015

How To Avoid Travel Scams

Hi guys, so today we shall be talking about how to avoid travel scams ;(

Traveling experiences can be very bitter especially when you fall victim to a scam. It is even worse when you lose money to a smooth-talking gentleman who you initially thought was honest.
Unfortunately, the scammers are all around and are unwilling to change. They will always look for easy victims they can scam. Then, it behooves on travelers to ensure that they shield themselves from the scams.

Distractions and diversions

You can encounter distractions or diversions wherever you go. For example, at the airport, bus park or at a crowded function in a Lagos suburb, they are always waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The pick-pockets are spontaneous. They may approach you to ask irrelevant questions in order to distract while his accomplice is busy with your luggage, pocket or wallet. So, be conscious of distractions. If you are driving, don’t leave your windows open.

Cheap or discounted tickets

Cheap and discounted tickets are very enticing. However, many of these cheap or discounted tickets are avenues to swindle customers especially when they are sold by unauthorized outlets. This may result in you losing money, spending several days at the airport or even missing your flight and because you did not purchase from the airline, you will not be refunded. Ensure you patronize only authorized ticket outlets.

Money changers

As a traveller in a new country, you often expect to convert your currency into the acceptable legal tender without a fuss. While this is great, there is need to apply some measure of discretion. Visit a Bureau De Change at the airport for authentic notes as it can be challenging to differentiate between fake and hard currencies. Also do not patronise street side money changers, your money may be swapped for a false paper.

Friendly local photographer

Having a photographer take your picture isn’t a problem. However, you need to be aware of the position of your items and properties because the photographer’s aim may to take your attention away from them and before you know what, your bag goes missing. Watch out for these lot.

Free taxi rides

It is not safe to accept a lift from a stranger or a taxi on any highway. Rather, it is advisable you go to the cab park to take one. Besides, if anything happens, such as a situation with a misplaced luggage arises, you can simply return to the park to report the issue and retrieve it.

Street games

Avoid street games completely. Try to ignore them when you see a crowd flocking in the direction of the public fight, betting competition or floor games such as the ones played in the dark alleys of Abia.

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  1. People also who want to help u by all means carry ur load to where u r going d minute u drop...beware or that mgt be d last u see of ur belongings

  2. lol, i must say i quite disagree with you on that. This ideology has been created in the minds of people due to the type of society we find ourselves in. Some people can do such things out of love or passion for their job, for example in Kenya; there are certain persons that her quite helpful; they welcome you, get you a cab, suggest hotels for you and even organize tours for you. Thank you for the comment :)