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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

How To Travel In Luxury Without Spending A Fortune

Hi Friends, today i shall be giving you tips on how to travel without spending too much :)

A vacation filled with private jets, luxury accommodations, champagne and fancy food does not have to be a far-fetched fantasy. There are ways you can travel like a millionaire without having to put a
mortgage on your house, sell a piece of family land or sabotage your credit score.
Travel in the off-season

A perfect way to travel like a millionaire is to stay in luxury hotels or resorts during off-peak seasons. Vacationers who visit during the off-season stand to save a lot at idyllic locales. The views are the same, the accommodations are the same, but the prices are most usually slashed in half.

From mid-January through April, rooms are usually cheaper than mid-April through Dec. So, unless you are set on splurging on a particular holiday, it pays to visit when rates are more affordable.

Consider countries where the dollar is worth more.

Take a trip to exotic locations in South America, Africa, Asia or India rather than the United States, Canada or Europe. These location have food, attractions and accommodations that typically cost a lot less and the exchange rate will usually fall in your favor.

The luxury experience in these areas are not only superb as the environs are picturesque, you also get to experience opulence at minimal cost.

Hunt for resort apartments

Instead of booking a fancy luxury hotel where you will have to pay for room service, food or laundry, rent an apartment. The process of finding and renting a resort apartment is not a tedious one, as there are a list of resort-hotels on Jovago.com that offer this type of accommodation for the destination you have in mind.

At a good resort, you can go shopping for groceries and cook your own favorite meals at a cheaper rate and if you must dine out, there will be numerous restaurants, coffee shops and around the area. You get to save a whole lot of money while doing this.

Schedule your flights properly

The cost of transportation is a huge item on any traveler’s list as it is one of the most expensive things to consider on any trip, including luxury vacations. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize costs! Like your favorite high street store, airlines have periods when they carry out promotions. Try and book your flight around those periods.

For destinations that are not very popular, airlines tend to slash prices during off-peak season, giving you an opportunity to take advantage of variations in ticket prices.

Finally, going on a luxury trip does not imply that you must travel first-class. Instead, buy an economy ticket, save some money and spend it having much more fun on your luxury trip.

Credits: Jovago

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