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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vacation Foods That Will Help You Sleep On A Long trip

Hi friends, so are you going on that long trip? Is it by flight, train, sea or by road, and you really wish you could get a good long sleep, well i got good news for you. Here are some foods that will help you sleep on a long trip

Taking a vacation miles away from home can be refreshing physically and mentally. When you leave home for a vacation somewhere, you don't want to get to your destination feeling so exhausted from the stress of flying long distance that you would need a couple of days to recover. Flying long distance can cause boredom, deep vein thrombosis as a result of being in one position for a long time, dehydration, anxiety, all of which can make you uncomfortable and deprive you of sleep through the journey. In addition to other things you could do to cope with long flights, good food is also very important - you need foods that will help you fall asleep. Sleeping on long flights helps time go faster without you watching the clock as it ticks, it also re-energizes you at landing.

Do you know there are foods that can relax your system and set you up for a real good sleep when you are on a long flight? These foods can work the magic:

Oatmeal: it contains good amount of melatonin ( a hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle) and tryptophan, it doesn't digest easily to make you feel hungry in the middle of your sleep.

Almond butter: almond butter makes your body relaxed and gets it ready for sleep.it also ensures your blood sugar level doesn't drop significantly which could disrupt sleep.

Warm milk: it stabilizes the blood sugar levels, also contains calcium that induces sleep.

Bananas: bananas have in them serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that can cause sleep and potassium which relaxes muscles of the body.

Nuts: nuts such as walnut and almond are sources of vitamin B6 that is necessary for the production of neuro transmitters and melatonin which is a major hormone that regulates the sleep/wake cycle.

Citrus fruits: citrus fruits such as oranges stimulates parts of the brain that are connected with stress resilience.

Cherries: they supply the body with melatonin that occurs normally which acts as a regulator to the sleep/wake cycle.

Some of these foods cannot be gotten at the airport or served on the plane, take those you can along with you or eat them shortly before you get to the airport. Fluid intake is also very important, ensure you take enough fluid like water to keep you hydrated through your flight.

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