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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What is Zika Virus?

Woman with fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes. Close-up of mosquito.
Zika virus has been the most popular viral disease trending in the year 2016 so far. There have been reported cases of zika virus in many countries.

Today you will learn everything about the zika virus. What is Zika virus?
How might you contact zika virus? What are the symptoms of zika virus? Is zika virus really fatal? And what you can do to prevent or treat the zika virus? You will find out the answers to all these very soon.

What is this zika virus?
Zika is a virus caused by mosquito bites (i.e mosquito-borne). The virus was first identified in Uganda, but has it's origin from Africa and Asia.

Zika virus is spread using the Aedes aegypti mosquito as a vector. This mosquito is a daytime active mosquito. There are also other mosquitoes that also carry the virus.
It has also been reported that about one out of five people actually end up getting ill after being bitten by the mosquito, so you could get lucky.

Now you have learnt some background knowledge of the virus, let's continue.

How might you get zika virus?
As I mentioned earlier, the virus is mainly transmitted through mosquito bites.
But recently it was shown that the zika virus might be transmitted sexually. The virus was reportedly present in the semen of about three infected men. It is still unclear as to if women can transmit the virus.
Investigations are still ongoing.

What are the symptoms of zika virus?
If you are infected with the zika virus
you are going to have the following symptoms:
1. Fever
2. Rashes
3. Redness of the eye
4. Joint and muscle pain
5. Headaches
These symptoms are mild and occur for about a week. They can also last for longer periods in some people.

How can you prevent and treat zika virus?
Prevention: The most basic prevention technique for preventing the virus is to avoid mosquito bites.
You can do this by destroying any breeding sites of mosquitoes. Also, if you leave in a mosquito infested area, sleep in a mosquito net always. Even during the day, because the vector is a daytime active mosquito.
Regarding the sexual transmission aspect, men who are infected with the virus or who reside in or have journeyed to an area active to Zika virus transmission should refrain from sexual act or make good use condoms during sex. It is also important if you have a pregnant partner, we'll discuss why that is so soon.

Treatment: Ehmm.. There is no known treatment for zika virus. There is also no vaccine available yet. But you can be sure that there are many smart brains working so hard of develop a vaccine soon.
If infected you are advised to
Sleep and rest well, drink plenty of water and take drugs for fever and pain.

Is the Zika virus fatal?
The zika virus is not fatal. That is, it doesn't kill people that much. Although they have been reported cases of deaths from the virus.

The main reason why zika virus is getting so much attention is because of it's suspected link to cases of babies with microcephaly.
Microcephaly is an abnormsl condition in which babies have very small heads and also incomplete brain development. There has been a rise in these abnormal defect in areas where the zika virus transmission is much, such as Brazil.

Also, It is likely that there maybe a link between the virus and a rise in cases of a paralysis condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome common Brazil and French Polynesia. This condition occurs when the immune system begins destroying the nerves of the body.

What you should do now?
As, you can see in the picture above it would be very unfair to bring in a child looking like that into the world. Pregnant women should be extra careful in avoiding the zika virus .Don't be scared of the zika virus.
All you have to do is follow the preventive tips and continue to remain healthy like am sure you have always been.

Credits: youmustgethealthy

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