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Thursday, 11 August 2016

The second largest employer of labour in Lagos State

I am quite sure you must be wondering which employer is the second largest employer of labour in Lagos State after the civil service(Federal and State). Could it be the oil workers? No, these guys are not that much over here; what of bank workers? fair enough, but they are not the ones. How about the movie industry; quite close, but it's not them.

These employees are strong, fast, agile, scary, intimidating, forceful and always present. They work Sunday to Sunday, 6am to 11pm. Can you beat that? You are probably already thinking that these employees are quite hardworking right?. They have various branches of their corporations almost everywhere in Lagos State. In fact you can barely go one kilometre without seeing a staff of this great organization. I am sure you are still wondering which organization i am talking about.

They are the Area boys movement, the touts, the hooligans, the street urchins, the "agberos". There are not enough vocabularies in the dictionary to describe these guys. They are everywhere, on almost every street and bus stop. They are the second largest employees in Lagos.

These grown men are on the streets morning till night forcing hardworking commercial motorists to part with most of their hard earned daily incomes. They are most times seen drinking various types of alcohol, smoking various substances, harassing hawkers and sometimes intimidating private vehicle owners going about their personal business.

They are also partly responsible for the high cost of transportation via commercial vehicles, because it seems the commercial drivers are working for them. You see them collecting "owo aro (morning money) owo osan (afternoon money) and owo irole (evening money)". And these monies are not in any way small.

I wonder where all the money they collect ends up? Because i really have not seen any positive changes in any one of them.

I believe these men can be put to better use, like taking all of them to work on a farm or a factory, maybe at Ikorodu, Epe, Badagry or even loan them to Ogun state to work at Mowe Ibafo or Ajagbandi; anyplace else. Just get them off our streets.

Lagos state cannot attain it's mega city status or its vision 2020, that's if there is any; with these area boys on the road.

Ambode A+ is trying no doubt, i have to give that to him but you sometimes have to take the bull by the horns. Sweep Lagos of area boys and watch the city transform
to the mega city it aims to attain.

Credits: Guest Post (Ekundayo Adewale)

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  1. Wow, i love what you are doing here.

    If every Nigerian can own a blog where he or she blogs about his/her passion.

    The Nigerian internet space will be developed.

    I love traveling, I will subscribe, and be a constant reader.

    1. Thank you very much Ifeoluwa Tunde for your comment. It is deeply appreciated. Hope we would be seeing you at our Abeokuta city Tour coming up on the 20th of August :)

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