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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Our Badagry Tour Experience

I was invited by my friend @travelgeniuz to accompany him and a group of tourists to tour the beautiful town of Badagry.

A brief history; Badagry is a coastal town and local government area in Lagos State. It was a major slave port during the slavery era. It is situated between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme.

Enough of history, now to the tour; the team set out for Badagry from Oshodi at 8:50am. The journey was an exciting one; everyone got to introduce themselves and talk about what they do. The journey was smooth and gridlock free. We got to Badagry less than 2hrs 30minutes.

Our first stop on this historical tour was the Mobee Slave Relics Museum; where we were shown various chains, pictures, few paintings, tools used in piercing the body parts of the slaves,some other things and an in-depth lesson on slave history in badagry.

From here we moved on to The Badagry Heritage Museum. Here was majorly filled with writings, pictures, sculptors and a few other art works, depicting and telling the story of the slave trade era.
We had a short stop at the first storey building In Nigeria and then the first place Christianity was preached in Nigeria.

Next was on to the famous Badagry beach. Before we could get to the beach though, we had to cross a large lake by boat. This was quite exciting as the thought that I could not actually swim crossed my mind; although we all had life jackets on.

After successfully making it to the other side of the lake, the only structure there was a small wooden souvenir shop selling locally made artifacts; most made out of coconuts. We were able to patronize the shop and buy a few things. Then there was a large expanse of land lying fallow. This I believe could be used either as a resort, a recreational centre, a park or even a zoo.

In the middle of these vast hectares of land is a “well” called the well of forgetfulness. It is said that any slave who drinks of the water forgets about the life he is leaving behind.

After this, was the point of no return. Legend has it that on getting to this point, no slave ever goes back or escapes. It is on to their new master’s country from here.

We all struggled and made our way to the beach where everyone sprang back to life on sighting the water and seeing nature in all its splendor and beauty. It was indeed a lovely time at the beach.

Main Points
-Badagry should at this point be a tourism haven where tourists, families, adventurers can come and relax.
-The beach and the surrounding areas should be worked upon and upgraded to attain international standards.
-The Government should do more in improving the aesthetic appeal of Badagry.
-The Government should look into improving infrastructural facilities and amenities in Badagry.
-Kudos to the Lagos state government for the road network to Badagry; atleast from Oshodi to Badagry was a smooth ride.

After a lovely time at the beach, we made our way back to our tour bus, had lunch, played some games and headed back to Oshodi, back to the hustling and bustling of Lagos. 

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