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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Top 10 Hangout And Fun Spots In Ibadan And Its Environs

Ibadan is the state capital of Oyo State, Nigeria. With a population of over 4 million, it is the most populous city in the state, and the third most populous city in Nigeria, after Lagos and Kano. Here are the top 10 hangouts in Ibadan;

1.Agodi gardens - Occupying over 13 acres of land, its a popular destination for recreational and eventful activities also serves forestry purpose. The recent upgrade of this garden adds more taste to visiting as it offers diversity of recreational pleasure, it has a botanical garden with explicitly attractive flowers, trees and shrubs, a mini zoo and a swimming pool. Also features a lake where one can go boat cruising, agodi gardens is a nice place to have good time.

2.IITA forest reserve - This reserve covers 360 hectares of land of the 1000 hectares own by the International Institutes of Tropical Agriculture, it features numerous and varieties of exotic plants that awes it visitors, also has an hotel in its premises, and characterized with sporting and recreational facilities like the football pitch, the 9-holes golf course, a swimming pool and lawn tennis court. The arrays of trees planted strategically in the reserve make touring more refreshing. It also chattels a lake.

3.UI zoo - One of the oldest torrist attraction in Nigeria dating from 1948, despite it long years of existence it's does not quit exciting it tourists especially the first timer, the varieties of animals found in this zoo makes it unique identity as the zoo with the most diverse type of animals in Nigeria with monkeys of different species, birds of numerous types, reptiles like snakes, crocodile and others. Mammals like gorillas, horse, camel, hyenas, warthog, foxes, giraffes, lions among others are sights catching animals in this zoo.

4.Oke-Ado mountain - Located in the outskirts of Ibadan is a rare attraction in Ado-Awaye with a mysterious suspended lake on it,the iyake lake which is the only suspended lake in Africa. That's great!!! I guess, There are two suspended lake in the world. The hanging lake of Colorado, USA. And the iyake lake on Oke Ado mountains. At the top of the mountain one get a fantastic view Ado awaye. And the city of Ibadan with the use of binoculars according to naijatreks. On this mountain you can see a mysterious tree root with the shape of an elephant. Oke ado mountain is a place with different attractions

5.Mapo hall - Is a colonial architecturally unique edifice situated in the gorgeous Mapo hills, rendering it a famous destination to get a clear view of the old beere district and beyond, sending a clear impulse of the ancient root of the city. A mini museum is in this hall that exhibit relics of chains used to hold the tax evaders during the colonial era. Mapo hall is not just a hall!!

6.National museum of Unity, Ibadan - You can visit this museum for sight seeing, as it showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian, there are mind boggling and fascinating collection of of objects and galleries which keep the past intact and stimulating. The museum is divided into four galleries namely the unity gallery, the masquerade gallery, the pottery and the Yoruba gallery each with its unique content, the annual records of the tourists in the recent report was more than 13,000. It worth visiting

7.Fun factory - This recreational spot is popular for it receptive atmosphere, its a good place to enjoy and have good times with your kids, your kid brother and enjoy family vacation in general. Fun factory is simply a nice spot to hang out with your loved ones.

8.Ibadan cultural center - Located on one of the seven hills in Ibadan, the mokola hills. This cultural center exhibit a trilling figure of theater and artistic work in Nigeria rendering it highly explorable as its also the first cultural center in Nigeria. Without entering the interior, the status and architectural design of this edifice is capable of satisfying the curiosity of respective tourists.

9.Ventura mall - There are a lot to do in this apart from shopping, visitors could play arcade video games, watch a film in the cinema, enjoy local and international cuisines, engage in sporting activities like bowling, jumping castle and other kinds of leisure, it's a popular destination for family fun as it offers diverse leisure for visitors to engage in out of preference.

10.Trans-wonderland park - It is an amusement park offering relaxation and fun, it's a major attraction for kids in Ibadan and beyond, sometimes referred to as Nigeria Disney world. It covers 67 acres of land with trilling attraction such as electronic bumpers car, roller castle, panoramic wheels, merry-go-round-house, funky basket circle, dragon boat among others. Events also holds in the park based on it receptive atmosphere.

Credits: Henrydone

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