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Sunday, 10 December 2017

5 Notable Facts About Yoruba People

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The Yoruba People of Western Nigeria are a Nationality of approximately 35 Million people occupying the South-Western parts of Nigeria.While their primaray concentration is in Nigeria, they are also found in other West African countries and throughout the entire world as well.But what are some of the notable facts about the Yoruba People; Well, here is a look at the Top five facts about them.

5 Remarkable Facts About Yoruba People
-They are one of the Largest Ethnic group in Africa
Numbering about 35M in total, the yoruba is one of the largest ethnic groups south of the Sahara Desert.They constitute about 21% of Nigeria's total population, making them one of the Largest ethnic groups in Nigeria.They are a collection of diverse people that are bound together by a common language, culture and history.According to the Yoruba Mythology, it is believed that they descended from an era called Odua.Uncounted numbers of Yorubas were carried to the Caribbean and the Americas during Slave trade period.In 1893, the Yoruba Kingdom became part of the British Protectorate.

-They still cling to their Culture
Irrespective of Modernalisation, the yoruba people still hold their Culture and Traditions so dearly.For Instance, the art of passage of rite is still rife among the Yorubas and is still a common practice even to date.

-Majority of Yoruba's still practice Traditional Religion
Even though a good number of Yoruba people practice Christianity, up to 20% of the yoruba population still practice traditional forms of religion.However, this practice varies from one country to another.For Instance, they claim that they have more than 400 deities.This complexity has led westerners to compare their religion to that of ancient Greek.Their tradition holds that there is only one supreme being or god called Olorun.There are 3 gods available to all.Olorun is the creator and the high god.The yoruba call on this god by prayers or by pouring water on the ground using Kolanuts.Eshu is the divine god who delivers special sacrifices to the high god, Olorun.Isha, on the other hand, is the god of divination.He interprets Olorun's wishes to mankind.

-The Yoruba have a Strong Political System

The Yoruba are one of the African people who have strong, united political and social systems.However, their political and social system varies significantly, depending largely on regions.Each town has a leader called Oba, who achieves this position by being selected by an Oba who is in power, by Inheritance or by participating to the associations.There's also a council of Elders which assists the Oba with decision making.Title associations play an important role when it comes to balancing and assigning power within different cities

-The Yoruba's are Gifted Sculptors

The art of Sculpture is not a new concept among the Yoruba people.They started creating sculpture as early as the 12th century and continue to do so even now.In order to honour their several deities, gods and ancestors, the Yoruba's make magnificient sculptures.Beautiful sculptures of wood, brass and terracotta are common things among the Yoruba.In addition to that, they are also good Portes, Weavers and Metal Smoths..
Yoruba People are Great people and Kind people..

                         Ile-ife - The Cradle Of Yoruba Race, Fact, Myth And Belief

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