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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Why are Nigerians so disinterested in exploring Nigeria?

Hello Everyone,

A friend of mine once asked me, why are Nigerians so disinterested in exploring Nigeria?

The answer wasn’t far-fetched; it’s Our Nigerian Orientation. He was surprised at my response but I was going somewhere. You might have expected a reply like low disposable income, bad roads, safety issues but all these are minor. We have all been sold the Western Dream while also receiving information that Nigeria is not safe, that what tourist attractions do we have in Nigeria, etc. All these are not true.
Let me start by saying that Nigeria is a very very beautiful country and there is so much to see but the mental value we put on her is very poor. Irrespective of all those reasons given above, exploring our fatherland should be the dream of each and every Nigerian. Travelling around Nigeria is not a luxury. It’s affordable for the low income earners to the high income earners. It’s an avenue to learn something new. If we Nigerians cannot explore and appreciate what we have, how do we expect foreigners to appreciate our lands?

We would rather explore other countries where we pay expensive flights, face visa issues and border issues. While our own country o where we would barely spend one tenth of our budget is a no no for us, we would rather visit other countries for vacation or honeymoon, you would even hear some people say it’s either Dubai or no where even if they can’t afford it. Yet we would be saying Nigeria is not developing, when the money we are to spend here; we have been spending abroad.

On the safety issues; using safety as a reason would mean we all wouldn’t go anywhere. No place has a guarantee of safety. Remember, people live in all those places. It is our responsibility to debunk all these myths out there because of how the media tends to portray Nigeria. We need to stop de-marketing destination Nigeria.

September 27th (one week from today) is WORLD TOURISM DAY, let’s go out and explore Nigeria.

I would be showing images that show the beautiful tourist attractions in our country; some I have personally explored and others I plan to explore very soon.

1) Badagry with my friends, this trip cost us 9,000 each and it was an all inclusive package.

2) Olumo rock, Abeokuta, this trip cost us 10,000 each; we also visited the Alake’s Palace, Funaab zoo Park, Adire Market and a tour round the city.

3) Erin Ijesha , Waterfalls, this cost us 12,000 each; we also visited the Ooni’s Palace and the National Museum Ile-Ife.

4) National Museum Lagos with the kids, took over 50kids there and spent less 50,000.

5) Ogbunike Cave

6) Obudu Mountain Resort

7) Gurara Falls 

8) Kano Walls

Credits: TourguideRotimi

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