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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Nigerians In Ireland Celebrate Yoruba Culture With Colourful Fabrics (Pictures)

One thing peculiar to human nature is our ability to adapt to a new environment and completely become embedded in a new culture that our old ways are replaced with what we are constantly exposed to. That would be the case of many Nigerians who have relocated abroad.
However, many others still hold on dearly to their culture and when they gather to celebrate what matters most to them, it is a beautiful sight to watch. A group of Nigerians in Ireland recently celebrated Yoruba Culture Day in style.

Photos and videos were shared on Facebook by Hrm Saheed Olamilekan Ibrahim and the joy of being part of an agelong culture while being several miles from home can be felt from watching the clips. Not only did the people wear matching native ankara prints, they also had some foreigners join them as they showed the residents of Ireland what it means to be Yoruba and proud.

Credits: https://thickmatch.com/funfair-galore-nigerians-ireland-celebrae-yoruba-culture-style/

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